How to Buy the Right Digital Screen Printing Machine

If you are planning to start a printing business, then you definitely need a printing press. With different models and brands out there, it is easy to get confused by the numerous options availed to you. Remember you need to get the right digital screen printing machine that suits the needs of your business.

Budget and Space

Budget and space are critical factors that you should consider when choosing a digital screen printing machine. For instance, where will you be printing from? Is it your spare room or kitchen? What is the size of your business? Even if you have limited space, there is always a machine designed for that. Ensure you get a machine that is sturdy and light for small shops. Also, you need to determine your budget. You can get screen printing machines on any given budget. If budget is not a problem and you want to print multi-color prints, then you need a machine with this capability.

Small-sized machines are great as they allow you to print in your spare bedroom, kitchen, attic, or in garage. It is even possible to print on the move. These machines have many benefits to offer especially if you are starting out.

Production Volume

You need to pay attention to the production volume of the printing machine. Ideally, this is challenging to determine if you are a beginner. In most cases, the more stations and colors you need, the more it becomes expensive. It is advisable to have a future plan for your business. For instance, if you want to print block texts, you only need a few color heads.

Some printers allow up to eight different colors. With this, you can print a variety of designs and do multiple jobs at any given time. In addition, if you have rush jobs or varying deadlines, you should get these advanced machines. Remember that when you choose a printing machine that supports multiple colors, you need to have corresponding stations too. With each additional station, you can work faster.

Go Digital

The main types of screen printing machines are digital and manual. The type to buy depends on the nature of your business. If you want to start a small clothing line or brand, then you should go for a manual printing machine. In fact, this is the starting point for many small businesses. Additionally, your budget, production volume, and space also determine whether to go automatic or manual. Remember that automatic presses can cost more and also take up a lot of space.


Before buying a digital screen printing machine you should do adequate research to understand what you are getting. Some brands have been around for many years and are dedicated to adopting the newest technologies. When it comes to getting one for your business, make sure you get a machine that can grow with you. The right machine should last long enough and accommodate any expansion your business undergoes. As your business grows, you might need to upgrade to a more advanced machine with a higher production volume.



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