How To Create A Bamboo Lamp Shade

The use of natural components in interior design and furnishings is still a significant trend. A bamboo lamp shade is one way to add some lovely natural features to the room. Bamboo lamps crafted by hand are indeed a stylish way to add warmth to any area of the home. It is worth noting that for a good job to be done, a person who knows how to work with raw bamboo and how to weave the material onto a frame is needed to create a bamboo lampshade effectively.

Below are the detailed steps to follow when making a Bamboo lamp shade.

Cut The Bamboo

Although bamboo is a durable and rigid material, this property also implies that it must be sliced into tiny pieces in order to be woven.

One of the most crucial steps in producing a bamboo lampshade is gathering the proper materials. To twist and weave the shade, the bamboo must be cut into tiny fragments.

Get the Metal Frame Ready

The majority of bamboo shades have a metal frame. The bamboo shade will retain its shape due to the metal frame. One of the most crucial things you should do when making a bamboo shade is to have a suitable structure. This metal frame needs to be carefully powder coated as well to prevent rusting. We can make sure that the lampshade is equal throughout by using the metal frame.

Cover The Frame

This step is necessary since we want the lampshade to overall still look entirely natural. We always make an effort to take it a step further by covering the entire metal frame in a natural material. If you want your bamboo lampshade to have a high-end appearance, you could think about covering the entire metal frame in a natural material. The fact that you cannot see any of the metal is one of the numerous benefits, in our opinion, of coating your metal frame.

Fasten The Bamboo To The Metal Frame

You need some weaving expertise for this phase in order to attach the bamboo to the frame.

Because when the bamboo is fastened, it won’t come off the frame, this stage necessitates a high level of competence. One challenging part of the entire procedure is attaching the bamboo strips to the frame since this is what the majority of individuals will see.

Spray The Bamboo Lamp Shade  With Your Desired Color

After the weaving is finished, you can spray color into the bamboo shade if you’d like it to be a different color than the natural bamboo tint. This procedure is only necessary if you want a bamboo tone different from the natural shade.

Topcoat should  Be Sprayed Onto The Shade

It’s advisable to apply a top coat to the lamp shade. You can help safeguard the entire lampshade by applying a topcoat. Spray on a glossy top coat if you want the color to look shining. The natural bamboo lamp shades should have a gorgeous appearance as they create a wonderful accent to anyone’s interior design.


Generally, natural bamboo lamp shades have a gorgeous appearance. They add a wonderful accent type to anyone’s interior design option. Additionally, they have a style that is currently in vogue. As such, hopping on it would definitely bring a sense of serenity to lovers of style and antiques.



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